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Peaceful - Comfort - Vietnamese’s Spirit

The name “Serene” to describe something which is very calm and peaceful. Our name is inspired by images of lotus petals and a crane. Both are symbol of Vietnamese’s spirit and immersing themselves in feelings of freedom and serenity. Maintaining a sense of tranquility within the vibrancy of Hoi An, we aim to help you find inner peace. Let your body be pampered, your soul be rejuvenated and your energy be recharged. Our balanced therapies using nature products  and ingredients will help your worries and trobles be replaced by inner peace, comfort and vitality.

We believe the body, mind and spirit need to be nutured as one, aligned and in harmony. At Serene Spa, we offer holistic treatments and therapies focused on the three pillars of movement, breathe and healing which underpin our well-being philosophy.

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