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Coming to Hanoi, tourists cannot miss out on the traditional Vietnamese massages that help you recharge after a day of exploring the city. The massages and spas in Hanoi can range from very cheap under $10 massages to luxury spas over $100 that offer full body pampering. Whatever your need may be, here is the overview of the price range for common massage and spa services in Hanoi that we think are worth checking out to ensure your safety and the best service for your money.


Low Price Spa: $5-10 (VND80,000-200,000)

Spa and massage services in Hanoi can range as low as $5/h. If you want to experience the rustic Vietnamese massage experience like a true Vietnamese, you can find the cheapest spa for a mere $6-10 per hour, which is only about VND80,000-150,000 per hour for a foot massage.

*Serene Spa Tip: These lower-end massage services usually have tight space, old facilities, and not-so-friendly and skilled workers. It is not surprising when you discover the place in real life looks nothing like the photos online. So with lower price comes lower quality service. You might want to consider paying a little bit more, in return, your expectations will be better met. 

Mid Price Spa: $15-30 (VND250,000-800,000)

If you are looking for a higher quality massage but don’t want to completely break your bank account, you can book some mid-price spa sessions from $15-30/h in the Old Quarters while still being able to enjoy reliable quality service. 

Luxury Price Spa: $50-120 (VND1,100,000-2,600,000)

If you are a complete indulger and are able to splurge on the most luxurious spa service in Hanoi, the price for these spa services ranges from $60-120, which is still considered way cheaper than in most other countries.

*Serene Spa Tip: These higher-end spa and massage locations are mostly new establishments with 5-star luxury service. They often feature modern state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, with the use of high-tech machines, to bring your spa experience to a whole new level. A little more investment in the best service for your skin and body is always worth it! 

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